Somewhere Over The Rainbow

- A Work in Progress -


Sancho, a Spanish go-getter, arrives in Manila seeking for a job promised to him by his friend, Alonso. However, upon arriving in the Philippines he discovers that his friend has disappeared under strange circumstances.

In his quest of locating Alonso, Sancho finds himself unwillingly caught up in a whirlwind that is the underworld of prostitution, drug trafficking and corrupted police from the hand of Alonso´s girlfriend, Clarisse, a young prostitute.

Throughout his investigation, that is nothing more than a flight forward, Sancho will stumble into the backstage of this tropical paradise of cheap beer and pretty women for sale. Facing a terrible decision to choose between his friend, and who he used to be, and her lover, whom he has madly fallen in love with.

Cast & Crew

Director, Writer

David Yáñez (Gwai Lou)

Eduardo P. Goñi


Production Designer


Pepe Gros

Rodelio Socito

Gertrude Louise

Anna G. Cañoneo


Annabell Eliza. Tiu