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Disappear is the story of a group of twenty-year-olds who, in their prime, are shattered by a car accident in which one of them dies. All those shards make up a fresco which, in the style of jazz improvisation, aims to portray something as personal and universal as the uncertain passage from youth to adulthood. Life hurts, but you don't know that when you're young. It is death that teaches us this.

This film also explores the different ways of accepting the grief of a generation whose emotional education is built around screens. The first generation that is both an actor and a spectator of itself.

Title: Desaparecer (Disappear)

Year: 2020 


Screenplay and director: Gwai Lou

Cinematography: Gwai Lou (MYSC), Kike Ineva, Daniel Vergara

Cast: Laura Contreras, Alba Gallego, Javier Zapater, Saúl Blasco, Víctor Vázquez, Mireia Sabadell, Sonia De Luis, Pepe Gros


Sancho, a Spanish go-getter, arrives in Manila seeking for a job promised to him by his friend, Alonso. However, upon arriving in the Philippiness he discovers that Alonso has disappeared under strange circumstances. In his quest of locating his missing friend, Sancho finds himself unwillingly caught up in a whirlwind around the underworld of prostitution, drug trafficking and corrupted police from the hand of Alonso´s girlfriend, Clarisse, a young prostitute. Throughout his investigation Sancho will stumble into the backstage of this tropical paradise of cheap beer and pretty women for sale.

Title: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Year: 2020 (in post)


Screenplay and director: Gwai Lou

Cinematography: Jeff Yusof / Gwai Lou

Music by: Annabel Eliza Tiu

Cast:  Pepe Gros, Gertrude Louise, Rodelio Solicito, Giovanni Baldesseri and Saúl Blasco


Wang Li-Sheng has met a Spanish girl on the Internet and has decided to leave everything behind and live his love story in Spain. Things don’t work out the way he expected and he eventually ends up with no girlfriend, no money and no passport, so he has to get by as an illegal immigrant in a country he knows nothing about.

His luck will change when he meets Marisa, a warm-blood dreamer who has found her place in this country; and Mioara, a girl from Bucharest who arrived two years ago looking for a job. As it usually happens when we are young and things happen too fast, their hearts will lead these tree strangers through not-too-straight ways.

Side-B fil

Title: Side-B

Year: 2017


Screenplay and director: David Yáñez

Cinematography: Carlos González

Composer: Luis Ferreiro

Cast: Kai Wu, Alina Nastase y Valentina Acevedo


Hangover after hangover, as they have nothing much to do in times like these, when finding a job seems almost impossible, a group of recently graduated friends, all with artistic careers (writers, film-makers, musicians…), try to survive themselves in a frenzy of desire, existential angst and rock’n’roll. Lost girls, fragile boys and a summer festival. Welcome to many pieces of something. Pump up the volume!

Title: Muchos Pedazos de Algo (Many pieces of Something)


Year: 2015


Screenplay and director: David Yáñez

Cinematography: Carlos González

Music by: Natalia Lafourcade, Rapsusklei & Flow Fanatics, Fee Reega, The Faith Keepers, Dead Combo, Touch Wood

Cast: Laura Contreras, Alba Gallego, Javier Zapater, Saúl Blasco, Víctor Vázquez, Macarena Buera

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